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Triple O Campus Summerdrink: A Limoncello Spritz experience!

Summer is in full swing and what better than a refreshing drink to combat the heat? Triple O Campus decided to take their annual summer drinks to the next level. They were looking for something unique, something that captured the spirit of summer, and that's where we came in! With our sparkling bar and our delicious limoncello spritz, we had the perfect welcome drink for all attendees.

A Refreshing Spritz Sensation

With our team, we were ready to serve the guests. With a delicious mix of sparkling Los Amigos, refreshing Koreman's limoncello and a touch of S. Pellegrino, it was the perfect way to enjoy the summer vibe on the Triple O Campus.

Spritz Bar for Your Event

But you know what's best? Our spritz bar is not limited to the Triple O Campus summer drinks! We are available to take your event to the next level wherever you are. Whether it's a corporate event, wedding, birthday or other special occasion, our spritz bar brings a playful touch to any event.

Since in addition to our limoncello, we also carry sanguin, cara cara and yuzucello, you can be confident that we will find the perfect mix to suit your taste and style. Let your guests refresh and surprise themselves as they enjoy our spritz bar experience.

Triple O Campus summer drinks were an event full of sparkle and fun, and we think it was cool that our spritz bar had a part in it. We allowed guests to enjoy refreshing drinks while tasting the summer atmosphere. Are you also looking for a spritz bar? We are ready to add a sparkling and refreshing touch to your next event!

Cheers to a summer full of refreshment and playfulness with the Limoncello Spritz!

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