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 IWSC   2021

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Koreman's took home a gold medal and the victory at the 2021 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) with the Koreman's Limoncello. Koreman's Limoncello has been awarded 96 points. This classifies Koreman's as one of the best tested liqueur producers.  In total, the citrus-based liqueur company won three medals in this international competition.

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The Koreman brothers share a fervent passion for the Burgundian lifestyle. They started preparing their artisanal Limoncello in their childhood home. Still all the support of their parents is there, a real family business! A hobby that got out of hand, has grown into a serious business. Selective where Koreman's is sold; “Koreman's products are only sold by entrepreneurs with a passion for special and high-quality products”. Celebrating every Burgundian occasion together with high-quality and tasteful liqueurs; that's what Koreman's stands for!


Limoncello is currently more popular than ever. Not only as a digestive, but also as an aperitif or as part of a cocktail or a spritz. Consumers are increasingly looking for quality and craftsmanship. Koreman's Limoncello is authentic and handmade using only organic lemons. Not totally unimportant; Koreman's Limoncello is without artificial additives. A fresh combination of love and lemon, velvety on the tongue and the perfect balance between sweet and sour.


Koreman's Limoncello is a permanent fixture in the Cello product range. In addition, Koreman's produces liqueurs based on other citrus fruits.


'With an enticing richness evoking curded lemons and sherbet boiled sweets, this has initial promise that leads to fantastic mouth textures, pleasing alcohol heat and a lengthy, lingering, lemony aftertaste. Delicious and moreish, textured and balanced. Outstanding example. '

The International Wine & Spirit Competition


After the success of the Limoncello, Koreman's introduced its first Limited Edition: the Yuzucello. This unique citrus fruit contains characteristics of the mandarin, orange and lemon. Today, the yuzu grows mainly on the smallest Japanese island of Shikoku and the harvest season runs from November to January. This makes this citrus fruit very rare and expensive. The yuzu fruit is well known in high-end gastronomy. The Yuzucello is made according to the authentic Koreman's recipe, and is therefore also 100% natural. A seasonal edition of Koreman's Yuzucello will be available again from December.


Koreman's proudly launched its award-winning limited edition Sanguincello in May 2021. Made from the organic Spanish blood orange: the Sanguinello. The perfect drink for the summer time. The fresh taste of the juicy deep red flesh and the intense color of the orange skin make the Sanguincello unique. Koreman's Sanguincello is just as full and smooth as Koreman's award-winning Limoncello, but with a sweet and sour taste and notes of cherry and raspberry. 100% Natural produced according to the authentic Koreman's recipe. A new edition of Sanguincello will be available again at the beginning of 2022. 


After the success of the silver medal in 2020 for Koreman's Limoncello, Koreman's again took home prizes in the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2021. The International Wine & Spirit Competition, an international competition in the field of wines and spirits, has with the aim of rewarding excellence. A jury of experts selects the best products by means of a blind tasting and a technical inspection. This year again drinks from all over the world were sent in. A bronze, silver and gold medal will be awarded for each category. Koreman's Limoncello  has been awarded two Bronze and a Gold medal! 


“It is an incredibly nice reward that all the hard work has also been able to convince a jury of experts of our Limoncello. After winning the silver medal last year, we wanted nothing more than to win gold this year. We are very proud that this has succeeded!”

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