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 IWSC   2020

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Last Friday, the Breda brand won a silver medal during the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2020. Koreman's Limoncello received 91 points. This makes Koreman's Limoncello one of the best liqueurs tested during this edition!



Limoncello is more than just a digestive, an after dinner drink. Today, high-quality Limoncello is also drunk as an aperitif or as part of a cocktail. In particular, the artisanal and high-end Limoncello's are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Consumers are increasingly concerned with their health, which means that they drink more consciously. As a result, the choice often falls on high-quality products without artificial additives.


The International Wine & Spirit Competition, an international wine and spirits competition, aims to reward excellence. A jury of experts selects the best products by means of a blind tasting and a technical inspection. This year again drinks from all over the world were sent in. A bronze, silver and gold medal will be awarded for each category. Koreman's Limoncello took off with a silver medal.


'A lovely composition of sweet, bold lemon and limes rolled into a mouthful of intense, tangy fruitiness. Lemon oil coats the tongue while the acidity gives it the freshness on the length.'

The International Wine & Spirit Competition


 'We are extremely proud that we have achieved this together and are very happy with all the support from family and friends. We are really looking forward to introducing even more people to our beautiful Limoncello.'


Koreman's is a Dutch family business that was founded at the end of 2018 by Frank and Thom Koreman. Koreman's Limoncello is a high-quality, tasteful, handmade limoncello that is produced in Breda. A Burgundian experience incorporated in the Koreman's bottle. In addition to the Limoncello, a second liqueur has recently been presented: Koreman's Koffieliqueur. In the future, the brothers want to offer a wide range of quality liqueurs. They only want to market products of the highest quality, without concessions or artificial additives. Production, distribution and marketing are all done in-house. It is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs who have a passion for beautiful, high-quality and authentic products. This has already been successful, because many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have already joined.

In order to be able to grow further, the brothers have started a crowdfunding campaign. Everyone can participate for a (small) contribution and thus become a member of the 'Koreman's Famiglia.'

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