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Recap Libelle Margriet Zomerweek

This year Koreman's could be found at the Libelle Margriet Summer Week. For seven days and a total of 65,000 visitors attended. 65,000 people that we could let taste Koreman's. Of course, this requires some preparation…

Half of our staff was at the fair, while work in the cello factory in Breda continued as usual. This required planning ahead. In addition to staff planning, we had to ensure that we had enough stock at the fair. The stock had to be in boxes, so boxes for this also had to be folded. Little things that you don't think about when you see us at the fair.

Every day we had a big smile and were happy to introduce people to Koreman's. Our pride became even greater after comments such as: "This is Tom Coronel's favorite drink, right?", "You also do workshops, right? I recognize you from the advertisement.", "You've been here before, right?" and "I won't buy anything else since I tasted you."

It was nice to get to know all the faces behind the product and together with the team we made it a success!

On to the next fair and more great moments with Koreman's!

Cheers! 🍋🍊

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