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Orangecello Ginger

Imagine a stunningly sunny and surprising cocktail that enchants your taste buds with every sip! Meet "Orangecello Ginger" - a unique blend of sweet oranges, sublime lemons and a hint of ginger. Sit back, relax and be surprised by the Orangecello Ginger - the perfect cocktail to brighten up any occasion and indulge your taste buds. Cellobrate Life!


  • 50 ml Koreman's Orangecello

  • 40 ml ginger beer

  • 20-30 ml fresh lemon juice

  • S. Pellegrino sparkling water

  • Ice cubes

  • Ginger slice as garnish


  • Take a cocktail cup and fill it with ice.

  • Then add Koreman's orangecello, ginger beer, lemon juice and a little sparkling water. Attention! Ginger beer can froth when shaken if you add too much, so stick to the proportions.

  • Shake it!

  • Now grab a nice glass and fill the glass with the Orangecello Ginger.

  • Cut a slice of ginger for garnish.

  • Et voilà, Orangecello Ginger is ready!

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