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Orange Drop Martini

Enter into a world of citrusy delight and sparkling surprises! Let your taste buds be seduced by the enchanting "Orange Drop Martini". This cocktail is a good mix of citrus liqueurs which makes it a fresh sweet cocktail. With the Orange Drop Martini in your hand you have a feeling of pure joy. So get out that cocktail shaker! Let's Cellobrate Life!


  • 40 ml Koreman's orangecello

  • 20 ml orange juice

  • 15 ml cointreau

  • 15 ml liqueur 43

  • Ice cubes

This cocktail is very simple! It's a matter of putting everything in the cocktail shaker (just make sure you put some ice in the cocktail shaker), shake it for a few seconds and then pour it into your martini glass (without ice). The enjoyment can begin! :)

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