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Koreman's participated in the Singelloop!

Alcohol is in the doghouse, and we as Koreman's are aware of that. Just because we are in the alcohol business doesn't mean that we care about our health. A healthy lifestyle is important and that is why we as a company participated in the Singelloop! Weeks of training preceded to get everyone ready for the 10km. The preparations were already fun...

The Singelloop Experience

The Singelloop is an annual running race that takes place in the heart of our beautiful city of Breda. The event attracts thousands of participants and spectators. The course goes through the whole city of Breda and during the route there were several stages to make the running a real party!

Tenth Place

On the day of the Singelloop, the excitement could be felt. Koreman's had challenged itself to finish on the podium, despite competition from 142 other companies. The hard work and dedication of the Koreman's employees paid off, and the company finished in an impressive tenth place. Just proved that the combination of alcohol and fitness, can be done just fine!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely as a team and you will see us again next year!

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