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Pentecost weekend - a long weekend filled with fun and beautiful weather! The latter is not always a given in the Netherlands ;), so this created the perfect atmosphere for us to enjoy a delicious cello spritz... And that was possible at Bumperkluiven!

Proostende mensen met limoncello spritz

The whole weekend we could be found at Bumperkluiven, a food festival in Breda. Together with Barbier we occupied the bar the whole weekend. Several employees were transformed this weekend into real Koreman's bartenders/women, to prepare the most delicious cocktails and spritz for you. Besides the well-known limoncello spritz, you could also drink our other cellos as spritz; yuzu-, sanguin- and cara caracello. Because let's face it, why stick to just the limoncello spritz?

How to make a cello spritz?

Regularly asked how our delicious spritz is made, the secret is in the combination. Mix a Koreman's Cello of your choice together with Los Amigos cava, a flavorful cava made by Best Bottles, then top it off with S. Pellegrino and ice. And voila: the perfect cool down for hot days. Wondering what other cocktails you can make with Koreman's? Then check out the "unyuzual," "sanguincello margarita" or the "cara caracello mimosa."

Een blije vrouw die geniet van een drankje

Once must be the first time!

For us it was a first, never before has Koreman's been at a food festival. After this weekend, we can assure, this will not be the last! The combination of nice people, good music and the great weather were the ingredients for a very successful weekend. This resulted in a huge enthusiastic group around our bar, consisting of our most loyal cello fans, family, friends and people who were still unfamiliar with Koreman's. One thing we can promise you, many new cello fans connected.

So Bumperkluiven was definitely a success and if it's up to us, next year again!

Wondering which event we'll be at next time? Then follow us on Instagram!

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