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Act Now Event: Raise Money for Make-A-Wish Charity

In a world where we are often absorbed in our own busy lives, it is essential to step back from time to time and look at ways we can help others. Recently, the Act Now Event took place, an event organized by Rotary Bilthoven. An inspiring occasion where some 300 people came together with all 1 goal: to raise money for the wonderful cause: Make-A-Wish. Koreman's was one of the sponsors of this event.

A Wonderful Day for Sick Children

Make-A-Wish is an organization that puts its heart and soul into helping sick children, with the goal of fulfilling their greatest wish and giving them a day full of joy and wonder so they can forget for a moment that they are sick. The Act Now Event was organized to raise money so they can continue to do just that. It was heartwarming to see people come together and donate generously so that the dreams of sick children can be realized.

Koreman's: A Radiant Sponsor

We were one of the sponsors during the Act Now Event. We made sure each table had a beautiful bottle, ready to be sold to guests who wanted to support the charity. There were balloons attached to the bottles, so if one wanted to buy the bottle, they cut the string. It was nice to see that many balloons went up into the air. That really showed that everyone wanted to make a valuable contribution to Make-A-Wish.

Building a Bright Future

The Act Now Event was a great success, raising as much as 60,000 euros for Make-A-Wish. This means that dozens of sick children will have the opportunity to see their wishes fulfilled and experience a day full of happiness and joy. We, Koreman's and other sponsors find it important that we not only provide great products and services, but also have a strong commitment to the well-being of others.

We do this together!
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