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Our best limoncello is easily ordered through our website. We make sure the limoncello arrives to you in one piece. Did something go wrong? Of course we will make sure that a new bottle of the best limoncello will be sent to you as soon as possible. Did you know that when your order is over 35 euros we ship the best limoncello for free? So choose the best limoncello and order it easily. To fully enjoy the pure and real limoncello we recommend putting them in the freezer for one hour after arrival or in the refrigerator for 6 hours. Enjoy the most delicious limoncello and order today.

*Ieder kwartaal betalen we dit aan je uit. 



The Koreman brothers share a fervent passion for the Burgundian lifestyle. They started preparing their artisanal Limoncello in their childhood home. Still all the support of their parents is there, a real family business! A hobby that got out of hand, has grown into a serious business. Selective where Koreman's is sold; “Koreman's products are only sold by entrepreneurs with a passion for special and high-quality products”. Celebrating every Burgundian occasion together with high-quality and tasteful liqueurs; that's what Koreman's stands for!

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