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Koreman's x Breda Dinner

March 31 was the day - the Breda Diner. An evening where businesses from Breda came together to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Of course this had to be done in a typical Breda way: delicious food accompanied by nice drinks. And as a digestive our Breda limoncello could not be missing.

Upon arrival there were bottles of Koreman's limoncello on all 35 tables. At the beginning of the evening, the bottle was bought per table to raise money for Make-A-Wish. Afterwards, the bottles were collected again so that people could drink them ice cold at the end of the evening - as they should.

During the evening various dishes were served by the Ingenhousz crew and that was not all... We were surprised by the Bierbengels, the Dutch Tenors and a singing ice cream man. One big spectacle!

Did you think you could go to the restroom? You were wrong! You were stopped at the toilet by toilet lady Priscilla. She only allowed guests to visit the toilet against payment. Whoever paid the most for a visit to the toilet went home with a Magnum Koreman's limoncello. Proceeds from all toilet visits also went to Make-A-Wish.

After all the impressive acts, the limoncello returned to the table. Then the party could really begin. The tables were put aside to make room for the performances by none other than Emma Heesters and Jeroen van de Boom.

We are very proud that we could contribute to the Make-A-Wish foundation in this way. If you ask us, a successful evening!

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